Sunday, April 30, 2006

A month of Fibbery

It's hard for me to fully digest all that's happened since my April 1 post, The Fib. I can safely say it's been at times remarkable, amusing, bemusing, fascinating, satisfying, and always tremendously fun. I've cyber-met tons of wonderful new people, started peeking in on way too many blogs, heard from long-silent friends and relatives, and fulfilled a lifelong ambition by being mentioned on the Wall Street Italia web site. What? You don't have that same ambition? Well, maybe NOW you will.

This post doesn't mark the end of Fibbery by any stretch, though I probably won't post about it EVERY day anymore. It'll be nice to have more time to get back to the great stuff so many of my fellow bloggers have been doing in terms of sharing anecdotes and book lists and lots and lots of wonderful and helpful reviews.

To my surprise (and joy), I continue to find new threads of Fibs popping up all around the Web. I've seen Fibs in over a dozen different languages, and I'd also note that today a cat left a post in the comments of The Fib, joining a priorly poetic dog, so I think it's safe to say that Fibs travel well. Again, I admit that I simply didn't know if anyone other than me and a very few others would find these little guys interesting or fun. But looking at posts here on my blog, it's certainly safe to say lots of folks found it fun at least once. And to me, while you can say anything you want to about the Fib form or some of the Fib examples you might read, the fact is that thousands of folks have been writing and creating... and it keeps on spreading. And that, if you ask me, is poetry.

So, I'll see y'all in May for Fibs and other fun, but now I gotta book.


Anonymous said...

You Think?
My girlfriend?
Stop, wait lets re-think
Sometimes its good sometimes it stinkes.
You can't live with them, you can't live without them I think.

Anonymous said...

fibbed once
then the world
caught on and no one
talks now without counting syllbubs


math and pomes
closer together
see you in the history books!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the mention, Gregory. You have had an amazing month and it is very cool!

Anonymous said...

turns the
leaves lime green
against the grey sky
even as rain is still falling
through rainbows red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet.

sound like
the tunes in
the shuttles at the
Denver airport terminals from
A to B to C to the baggage claim area.

Anonymous said...

new book
of comics,
Fibbin' Archie has
Betti's number. what a sequence!