Friday, April 28, 2006

The Judge shoulda Fibbed...

I am amused by the story about Judge Peter Smith inserting a code in his decision in the DaVinci Code case. And yes, the code was based on the Fibonacci sequence. Obviously, I think the Judge missed a great opportunity to tell a Fib. If any of you GottaBook readers know him, could you suggest that he insert this at the top of his decision:

Dan Brown,
Not Guilty!
Now read my decision...
And solve my Fibonacci code.

But sadly, another great opportunity for Fibbery has been passed by. Luckily, for those seeking Fib fun, there are a set of links off to the right of the blog that will lead you to many things Fibbish, or you can simply scroll below to get your Fib on. The comments in so many posts are full of find Fibbing, and as always, I encourage you to write and leave your own Fibs here... or anywhere. Fib on!


Anonymous said...

I just posted my first Fib on the WXPN Philadelphia discussion board in response to someone else's Fib challange post. There were three pages of answers. The weird thing is I used to work at XPN AND I'm related to Gregory K. It most definitely is a small world. By the way, WXPN is an incredible radio station. Anyone from Philly reading this blog?

Do think
Fibs are cool
Especially when
Brother in law posts the first one.

Mike Morrison

Anonymous said...

Damn the heat
Days with out a breeze
Oh to have airconditioning!

Michelle Morley