Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Poem of the Day: The Crayola Caper

Gregory K.

There’s crayon on the tabletop.
There’s crayon on the floor.
The baby got my crayon box
And drew and drew some more.
The house is full of colors now,
Each wall and every door.
Let me look more closely. Yep...
He used all 64.


Pat Paulk said...

Love it!! Excellent poem!!

Becky said...

I read it to the kids and they loved it. My youngest recently discovered the box of 64 tucked in the back of the craft cupboard -- we tend to be more keen on colored pencils -- and has been having fun with them, so he really enjoyed it : )

Bria said...

This poem was really good, since
i'm doing a report on crayola this
will work out great.