Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Fib. Y'all have Fibbed.

Somewhere there's a spambot with a great sense of humor. This blog has attracted an amazing amount of junk mail, but none makes me smile more than the offer to start a business "selling golf tees n China." There is no hint of irony to that oft-received mail, but seeing "tee" and "China" together like that certainly gives me the giggles. I should note for those who remember that I believed I was going to become a transfer agent millionaire that, sadly, instant riches haven't materialized. Shocking.

While I continue to draw attention to the Fibbish links over on the right hand side of the blog (under "The Fibs"), this morning I'm gonna link back to the original post, The Fib, where there are nearly 300 comments now, and over 300 Fibs to be read. Elsewhere on the blog are more Fibs (pop culture, sports, and more), but for those who want to be deep in Fib city (and really now, who doesn't?), that's a good place to start. But just a start, of course. And personally, I'd love to see this post become the home of another great Fib collection. But I'm biased that way. Fib on!


Anonymous said...

Math can be a crazy and cool journey
Bucklke up for bumps ahead
Preparation is key
Give plenty,

Anonymous said...

new e-mails
most of which want to
make you rich or enlarge your parts

Anonymous said...

FYI: Washington Post, Sunday, May 21--Style Invitational "Tell Me a Fib" Results