Friday, April 07, 2006

Unexpected benefits...

I'm sure I'll be talking all day about the fantastic outpouring of fibs here and all around the net (more links later, for now just scroll down to the posts More Fibbery and The Fib and see the comments). There are brilliant folks all around. But there was a surprising upside in the e-mail box today. Apparently I've attracted some attention and I've got not one but TWO offers to store millions of dollars in my bank account for people who, for reasons that vary, just aren't able to get their money out of their countries on their own. Wow. What an opportunity. I could be RICH, I tell ya!

Anyone up for a Transfer Agent Fib?

PS. By the end of the day, I had FOUR such offers. I am going to cash in on all of them and buy a small publishing house that only puts out books of Fibs.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Gregory. Wow. I've won a couple of lotteries this week. Must be the fib effect. Here's my reversible fib:

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg,
Great talking the other day! Congrats on phenomenal growth. I finally gave some thought to fibbin'. Wasn't sure whether to bother with punctuation. The rhyming was unintentional.
Love to the Gottawifeandkids!



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