Monday, April 03, 2006

After one too many viewings of the Golden Collection.... (a Looney Tunes Poem)

The Looney Looney Tunes News
Gregory K.

The news is in. It’s worse than feared.
Poor Tweety Bird has disappeared!
Sylvester’s wearing quite a grin with yellow feathers on his chin.

Wait, there’s more, and it’s a stunner:
From here on out, there’s no Road Runner.
Wile E. caught that poor old bird, and now it’s gone without a word.

Daffy’s news is not as bleak,
But once again he’s lost his beak.
This time, though, it’s really gone and nevermore can be drawn on.

Here’s the worst news, far from funny:
Elmer Fudd has shot Bugs Bunny!
At long, long last a bullet hit. Bugs’ carrot fell, and that was it.

In Toonville, they're all feeling blue.
They hope the news is false not true.
But sadly, this is not a hoax…
So this, alas, means “that’s all, folks.”

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
Happy poetry month! I am laughing again. What happen to Woody Woodpecker?
I'm going to practice those fibs!