School Visits/Workshops

I love getting a chance to talk poetry and writing with children of all ages (from 1 to 111). Most of my presentations can be tailored to fit in small windows or full periods, all involve a lot of interaction, and all are available via Skype or in person. I currently offer the following presentations:

Telling Fibs: Poetry, Fibonacci, and how Ideas Spread - Together, we'll work on creating Fibs: poems of 20 syllables (or 20 words for younger ages) in a form based on the Fibonacci sequence. While this combination of math and poetry has been around for a long, long time, we'll also discuss how Fibs and I went viral on the internet, into the news, and spread around the world.

Can You See what I Hear? (The Five Senses and Poetry) - We'll look at poems to see how the five senses appear over and over, though often in subtle ways. Then we'll work on our own poems, drawing from observations we make using those same senses. (Note: I make frequent use of another sense, the sense of humor, though I separate it from science!)

Rhyme Me! - Poetry does not have to rhyme, but rhyme can be a lot of fun to work with. We'll explore different ways rhyme appears in poems, how it can help a poem soar, and how it can interfere with your writing, too.

Making Poetry Add Up - Focusing on different ways numbers and math intersect with poetry beyond the Fibonnacci sequence, this presentation (not available in a short version) starts with Fibs then moves beyond. There is no complex math involved. Instead, it's about possibilities and being aware that numbers and math are everywhere.

No, It's Not Perfect: Rewriting and Revising and Rewriting Some More - I rewrite a lot, whether it's my poems, novels, screenplays or even email. Revising's a necessary part of the writing process and, as the drafts of my poems and the drafts of the opening of my novel will show, there are a lot of ways to make your work better.

If you have any questions or want information about my social media presentations and workshops, please email me or visit my other site, The Happy Accident.