Monday, April 17, 2006

Fibbin' around the clock....

Never did I think my life would be so Fibonacci based, but I suppose some would argue that the Fib rhythms were here all along. Today, I was on the radio... in England on a segment of Up All Night about pods and blogs. And I see that I failed to mention that last Friday, I was on the radio in Hartford, CT on the Bruce and Colin Show on WTIC-AM. (Podcast, sadly, no longer available though honestly, I didn't sound as awkward as I felt at the time.)

I must note the International Herald Tribune article in Tuesday's paper. Yes, it's the New York Times article under a different headline (same paper owners, I believe), but come on now... I don't get into the IHT every day! Then again, I didn't think my blog would attract the attention of Wall Street Italia either.

For those new to the blog, you can find an assortment of Fibbing links over to the right under the headline "The Fibs." Or you can scroll down and pop in the comments all over. The original post, The Fib, is teeming with comments, including some truly poetic Fibs, funny Fibs, and pretty much a Fib for all seasons. Feel free to add comments there or leave them right here, as well.


anall said...

por la gracia del Pincus Glog

he was/Iwas/we were/poets/
Fibonacheros/by the grace of Pincus Blog

Anonymous said...

damned lies,

And the last of these,
in referring to this poem,
makes a good quote of a total vocabulary,
of thirty-six words that make up this little experience - right now or whenever.

(Author's note: thirty-six is being counted as one word, so if you want to count it as two, change it to thirty-seven and then change the word little to the word small.)

Anonymous said...

(Author's note: thirty-six counts as just one word - if you want to count it as two, change it to thirty-seven and then change little to small.)

Anonymous said...

(Author's note: thirty-six counts as just one word - if you want to count it as two, change it to thirty-seven and also change little to small.)


Anonymous said...

stand I
looking you
direct in the eye
but yet behind your back am I

Sean Murphy

the tale
guess I just
found the challenge such
that I had to try my hand once.

Anonymous said...

In nature
Wherever I look.
Those tendrils of morning glories
Not yet opening, yet open to grasping
at life.

Anonymous said...

This fad started sort of with Ron Silliman's Tjanting of course, or that other one. 'Sbeen so long you forget about it.

And of course there was Aristotle's take, and before that the Arabic one,
and before that the Chinese one. Probably the best

Stephen Rodefer

Greg Pincus said...

Fib After Reading To My Son

Could you
In a car?
I would not, could not.
I do not like green eggs and ham.

librariaM said...

care for math.
But add poetry
And it becomes tolerable.

Anonymous said...

My 6th grade English class read the New York Times Article and we had to write our own poems...So I thoght I'd share mine:

It is in "Words" format
(1 word, 1 word, 2 words, 3 words etc.)

My teacher
In English, Seminar
Periods two and three
Full of fun, books, thoughtfulness, chocolate, and laughter.

Unknown said...

Had to write a quick baseball Fib (cross-posted at
The ball
Flies over
His outstreched glove. And
Suddenly, the game is back on.

Such fun! :-) I used to write technology-related haiku -- clearly I'll have to update my repetoire.

Kels said...

Age well.
No regrets.
Time slips so quickly.
Live now, don’t count on longevity.

Anonymous said...

to fib
on line now.
Can I figure out
How I can be anonymous?