Sunday, April 30, 2006

Poem of the Day: Word Nerd

"Word nerd!"
"Your mother
Sequences your dad."
Fibonacci Poetry Slam!

This is the last of the April Poems of the Day what with it being the last day of April and all that. It seemed appropriate to end with a Fib after all that's happened this month. I hope you've enjoyed the poems (and National Poetry Month, of course). Just like before April, poems will pop up here on a semi-regular basis anyway, so if you're only here cuz of them, don't despair :-).

For those seeking more on Fibbery, there's links over on the right of the blog that will take you to the hottest Fib spots on the blog, or you can simply scroll lower and see what you can see. Lots of good stuff lurks hereabouts, so enjoy!

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