Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Fib a day...

Today, the New York Times Fib article appeared on the CNET site. You don't have to click in, as it's just another version of the same article... but I love how this article began in the Arts section of the Times and is now on the CNET News section. Really. I do love that. I hope that shows how Fibs can cut across all sorts of lines and prove fun for all. I admit I'm surprised I haven't seen more sports related Fibs, but maybe as baseball season picks up?

I'm totally wiped out after a weekend full of stuff, so I'm gonna leave you tonight with a reminder that good Fibbish links are over to the right on the blog under "The Fibs," or you can simply scroll down, as I plan to keep all of April's posts on the main blog page throughout National Poetry Month/Math Awareness Month. There are Fibs in the comments all over the blog, and they're well worth checking out. I'll be updating in the morning, I hope, but until (and after!) then, I hope folks will feel free to add Fibs in the comments here or elsewhere.


Christian Roy, aka Leroy said...

Since you're talking about sports... I wrote one last week, here it is:


Three Strikes
Take your base
Intentional walk
A high fly ball deep to right field
It's up, up and away, Strawberry hits the roof, damn

That relates the time I was at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal and Daaaaaaaaaarryl hit the Big-O's roof... while I was buying a hot-dog!


Anonymous said...

Here's another sports one (written by my UK sweetie, Doug Pugh):

The Manager's Lament

The grass
Are always
Preferable to
Kicks in the ass that losses bring

And here's one of mine (non-sports related, of course!) from Canada:

watch and wait
but don't forget, now
time's a dangerous thing to waste

Anonymous said...

cop. scares. us to death. although we stay alive. proceed with an electrifying. display of a power trip while i rest in urine.
by: k la

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg --
Have you seen Sorry if I am repeating something you have already shared.
A (non-baseball) sports fib for you . . .

The box is lonely.
Two minutes are up soon enough.

p.s. I am not very happy with your introducing me to babble!

Anonymous said...

words today
stop asking for more
let my paper breath a little

Anonymous said...


I've had another hockey fib percolating (or taking up valuable brain space, depending on how you look at it) since this morning. It has finally hatched.

shoots . . .
He scoooooooooooores!
The puck glides
through the goalie's legs.
He skates around in victory.


Anonymous said...

Can I post self-criticism?? Upon a second reading, I realized that proper English would dictate that I use "between" rather than "through." But that would mess up the syllable count. Hmmm. An imperfect fib is better than no fib at all?