Friday, March 24, 2006

Oddaptation: The Polar Express

This is a "you pick 'em" event! I did two very different Oddaptations here as I continue to hone what I think an ideal Oddaptation should be. The question this time around is whether some plot summary is desirable or whether it's "better" to simply go straight with point of view (and in this case, a Poe reference). Please weigh in on the debate or just pick your favorite of the two (or if they're blah, say that, too). It's your chance to help define the genre....

by Chris Van Allsburg
Oddaptation by Gregory K.

If you can hear the ringing of my bell bell bell bell,
Then you believe in Santa and that's swell swell swell swell
Cuz I've some land in Florida to sell sell sell sell
And you can buy my Brooklyn Bridge as well well well well.
So do you hear the ringing of my bell bell bell bell?


Train ride, fright'ning!
Fast as lightning!
Way up to the Pole.
I'm selected,
Then dejected…
Pocket had a hole.
Christmas Day now.
Whoa! No way now:
Sleigh bell makes it here.
Gorgeous ringing -
Ding-a-linging -
Echoes in my ear.
Christmas spirit?
Yes, I hear it.
All believers do.
Lose that magic?
'twould be tragic…
Then I'd be like you.


David LaRochelle said...

I definitely vote for #2, Greg. Much more clever rhymes..and in such short lines, too.

Gregory K. said...

Thanks, David. It might just be us deciding the entire future of the Oddaptations genre!

mc said...

GK.....Much prefer the second....rapid fire action......In fact, as fast as

mc said...

PS...IMHO your "Oddaptations" a very interesting/promising concept, and very much look forward to your development .....In that connection, suggest the choice you pose...plot summary/straight w/ pov..unnecessary.....Why not both..??

Gregory K. said...

Oh, sure, MC... raise the bar really high, why don't you? :-) What I've learned is that sometimes following the plot is needed, and sometimes it's better to go way off base. It really depends on the book. Where's Waldo, for instance, doesn't exactly give me a plot to deal with... but that doesn't mean it can't be Oddapted. Others clearly have both aspects. The question really is whether it's "fair" to skip plot to go straight to my point of view. I think it's better not to, but again, it's probably book related. Though if others wanna join in, I'm all ears.

Madaketgal said...

I agree with everyone, the second one is dynamic. And I like that it follows the plot.

Rita said...

The second!

Gregory K. said...

Seems pretty universal, as I also favor #2. Thanks all for the comments (not that I won't take more, of course).

topangamaria said...

Oddaptations is a kick.
I'm with everyone on preferring two to one, except for the last line. That I want to delete.

Anonymous said...


Okay. I'm a bit twisted, I know.

Jedusor said...

I just stumbled across this and thought it was interesting enough to merit a comment. I, like the others, prefer #2, and I'd like to add to topangamaria that the last line can't be deleted due to the style of the poem. It could be changed, but it would still need to follow the format. And I don't think the change is even necessary; it's fine how it is.

Gregory K. said...

Thanks for the added comment. I think the last line is interesting for a couple reasons, mostly cuz it changes the entire tone of what came before it. But I started to wonder if maybe topangamaria simply doesn't want to be like ME! Can't say as I blame her :-)

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