Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Right back at ya, Fib style

A lot of new folks have joined the world of Fibbery today, and again I love watching links to poetry sprout up in unexpected places (like MSNBC's Clicked column).

I also remain fascinated by the variations folks come up with: words instead of syllables, letters instead of syllables (posted in comments below on this post), double syllables, reverse Fibs, longer variants and two combinations of haiku with Fibs including this embedded version.

So many folks have contributed remarkable Fibs and thoughts. What a blast!


Greg Pincus said...

These were sent to me by Bob Luckin who due to the vagaries of Blogger couldn't get them directly on my site.


Poems !
Look it up:
To fib means to lie
So fibbing is really quite wrong -
If I were you, I wouldn't do it any longer.

Here's a one-liner, in which the number of characters in each word result in the Fibonacci sequence :

O I do fib : lying, cheating, equivocations.

This form rapidly becomes harder due to the need for long words. But you could modify it to a poetic format where each line may have multiple words, but the total number of letters in the line must match the sequence - ie. similar to your idea, but with letters instead of syllables.

Anonymous said...

Are hot
don't you think

Anonymous said...

You do
If you knew
That your mother was
Actually a wooden stick