Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Found Fibs

In cleaning my desk (which, I must tell you, is a euphemism I use for any form of procrastination), I discovered a few pages on which I'd scrawled some Fibs. (For those hearing of Fibs for the first time, look to the right of the blog for the links collected under the headling "The Fibs."). So, fresh from the pages of this big finding, I share two pop-culture Fibs with you now....

It's fixed!
Voted off?
Demand a recount!
Damn you, American Idol.

This sucks.
I told you,
Always, yes, always
Turn left at Albuquerque.

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nightquill said...

Thanks for the meme-eries!

Note the Fib contest results in this Sunday's Washington Post, in the
Style Invitational.

One of mine made it (the first honorable mention); the rest of my entries are at