Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Extra large!

I'm not saying this is the greatest read-aloud book of all time or nuttin' like that, but today I read Lane Smith's newest, John, Paul, George & Ben, thus giving me the great pleasure of being able to say, quite loudly I might add,
Extra-large underwear? Sure we have some! Let's see, large, large, EXTRA-LARGE! Here thye are! Great big, extra-large UNDERWEAR!

This was another book with some jokes that seemed squarely aimed at the adults reading, though some kids certainly got most of the humor, depending on their knowledge of American history (and of the Beatles). Also, the book certainly takes liberties with characters and history (that was Paul Revere selling underwear in his shop as opposed to silver), but it's not as if I was reading this as a primer on the Revolutionary War. In fact, the true/false questions at the end actually did lead into real history talk... and everyone seemed to have fun with it. That seems good to me. Then again, I'm just a volunteer librarian... and a guy who enjoyed saying the above passage with all library doors open.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd have to say that Paul Revere selling underwear would be a bit of liberty in regards to history. But it sounds like fun!

And speaking of important historical events related to New England, thanks for the advice regarding the now questionable Johnny Damon ball!

Greg Pincus said...

It is a fun book. And it's another case where the humor works better with kids than most adults think it does (ala Secret Knowledge of Grownups). Sure, the history isn't served up straight, but if you want to use it as an entry into that same history, it's a pretty fun way of doing it, imo. Oddly, the Sox don't factor in at all. I think that's an oversight, as I believe they started failing to win in 1772. I could be wrong.