Sunday, May 07, 2006

Apropos of nothing...

This has zero to do with children's literature, Fibbing, libraries, or anything like that, but there's an article in today's LA Times about trademark issues involving the smiley face it uses. Because there's a legal issue here, we get to see something like this from WalMart:

The 'smiley face' design is comprised of a circle, within which appears two dots, parallel to each other and in the upper third of the circle, approximating eyes in a human face, and an upturned parabola in the lower third of the circle, approximating a smile on a human face. The design appears sometimes with, sometimes without, lines perpendicular to the corners of the 'smile' element. It is usually represented in the color yellow.

Oh, wait. I can tie this in to picture books. All that description or a simple picture? You be the judge....

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Gregory K.,
I know this message counts for a comment to 'Apropos for nothing', but I didn't find any other way to post my short opinion about this page.
I read your blog frequently, and I'm amazed by the poems and
Fibbery. I like it that a new form of poems is 'invented'. I read about this thing in an article of a Hungarian web page, and I found it very interesting. I told my friends about it, and I also tried to make something like this in English.

Here is my attempt:

Non-English Question of Fibbery

if someone
who ain’t have English
as mother tongue is still able
to write some Fibbish in this lovely, song-like language…