Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Random blogging thoughts...

Susan over at Chicken Spaghetti is going to hit her one year blogging anniversary on Friday. I realize there are blogs out there that are multiple years old, but as I'm still a mere infant (approaching three months), I don't like to look that far ahead.

While April was all full of Fibs and poetry, and both those will be future staples here at Gottabook, I continue to ask myself what I can offer that will keep folks coming back again and again. Well, besides cash and my undying gratitude, of course. And I keep not hitting on any answer other than to post what's interesting to me -- Fibs, poems, library stuff, volunteering, books, reading, children's literature, kumquats, and whatever else comes about. (Note to self: that was first kumquat post). I'm certainly glad I've gotten less serious in tone than when I started -- even my "serious posts" are more relaxed -- but despite the tremendous excitement around here last month, I'm still a rank beginner.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of kumquats, I was just talking about them with a friend from LA. She has friends who have lemon, avocado, and kumquat trees in their yards. Just like that, no big deal. Lemons, avocados, kumquats--whenever you want' em. It seemed impossibly exotic to me.

Thank you for the linkage!

Bkbuds said...

I'm so very sorry, but I beat you to the kumquatspost a while back. They're awful things, really.