Thursday, May 04, 2006


One of the best things about the Big April Fibstravaganza (or BAF! as I now like to call it) was that I ended up "meeting" so many fellow bloggers. It's true that there's nearly a gazillion (that's an estimate, by the way) different subjects one might blog about, but there's no question that despite those different starting points there's a real community aspect to the blogosphere that's not entirely apparent to those who don't hang out there. So a tip o' the hat to you all.

I'm also pleased to see that folks keep coming by here to have a Fibbing good time, and again draw your attention to the right of the blog. There, under the headline "The Fibs" you'll find links to tons of Fibbery right here on GottaBook. Comments continue to come in, so it's worth checking out the top two posts from time to time.

Meanwhile, over at The Knitting Curmudgeon, the Fib contest winner has been posted. And better yet, there's talk of a PDF posting of all the entries coming up sooooooon. Hmmm... and I wonder if the Toronto Star ever ran any Fibs that they got in response to their "Send Us Your Fibs" plea? Any Toronto Star readers in our midst?

More later, but for now, I gotta book.


Anonymous said...

The Star did quite a large post of fibs on the weekend. You have to subscribe to read 'em but it's free!

I quite liked the winning fib. Cool that it was written by a nine year old.

Got seven of mine posted and my UK sweetie got five of his in there, too!

Anonymous said...

Ooops ... meant to also mention that The Star received more than 70 fibs.

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks for that link, Donna. I was able to read them just fine, though I might've subscribed when the Fib article was in there. Oooh, and you did a Fib with "prevaricate" in it. That's gotta be worth extra points....

Anonymous said...

Methinks big words only garner extra points when the judge understands 'em!

Thanks for the nice words, Greg.