Friday, May 05, 2006

Invaded (but in a good way)

Today saw an invasion of my blog by what clearly seems to be a whole bunch of folkd doing a class project. Check out all the new Fibs posted in the comments of Fibs are Fab!

Who were they? Where did they come from? Who gave the assignment to "write and leave a Fib on the GottaBook blog"? I may never know, but it was great to see anyway.

This is not the first group to descend en masse. Folks from the University of Vermont had also dropped in... and later put up some cool websites with Fibs. I'm sure other groups have stopped in. Everyone's encouraged to say hello, of course, or simply browse away.

I realized today that I never summed up the LA Times Festival of Books last weekend. As usual, it was too hot, too crowded, but fun nonetheless. The highlight? Watching Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart do a pop-up demonstration. Way cool, even though they were just showing the bare basics. Their books, of course, are as far from basic as can be, but even the simple pop-ups we all learned are pretty darn fun. Don't believe me? Go to Robert's website and follow the instructions yourself. Truly fun for kids. OK, fine. Adults, too.

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