Wednesday, May 10, 2006

other updates

Which do you want first? Hmmm. I'll give you the meatier one:

School Library Journal has a nice, balanced article on the Patricia Polacco/McGraw Hill stuff.

Publisher's Weekly has the story of a book sold by blog-word of mouth.

(Tip o' my hat to Fuse #8 for both those.)

But there's no one but me to blame for eating up all your free time by telling you that Babble has been upgraded, making it easier, I think, to obsessively spend time finding alllllll the words. Oh, goodie!


Anonymous said...

I curse you for introducing me to Babble. I did not DID NOT need any help procrastinating, thank you very much. :-)

I should be spending my time writing my next book or at least writing Fibs but, sigh, I am, alas, addicted to Babble which at least is better on my wrists than Tetris.

Susan Taylor Brown

Greg Pincus said...

Babble is simply a great game, unfortunately. I broke the biggest addiction by doing a couple complete boards so now I don't NEED to do that, since I proved to myself I could. But it's sure easy to spend more time than expected there. And like you, it's my biggest game-vice since Tetris.

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, SRA/McGraw-Hill for taking the time to come here. I have a follow-up question for you posted in my blog right here.

Thank you for trying to set the record straight, but I would love further clarification.

Greg Pincus said...

Now it's Tuesday the 17th, and despite many requests, no comment. On the plus side, Patricia Polacco has posted more on her site.

There's a link and highlights in my post right here