Monday, May 15, 2006

Other weekend findings...

I see from this week's Style Invitational that next Sunday brings us the results of their Tell Us a Fib contest (with the new title Dorkerel making an appearance). The entries in their currently printed contest give me great hope that we will see fantastic Fibbery.

I also learned that Google finance has a link to blog posts on their company information pages (for example, a McGraw-Hill search would lead you to blogs discussing stuff that I've been discussing).

I still haven't seen any Fibs being used in promoting The DaVinci Code feature. How disappointing. On the plus side, Fibs keep popping up on the blog (check those links to the right under "The Fibs") and around the Web as well.

I also learned that there are some people who are incredibly cool under pressure. For those with a high-bandwidth connection, check out the BBC's mistake when they had the wrong guest on. Watch the poor fellow's reaction as his "name" is announced... but then see how calm and cool he becomes. Found humor at its best.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah- I don't know what job he was applying for, but on the strength of that interview he deserves to get it!