Thursday, May 18, 2006

WhatIs and what was.

The WhatIs Fib contest has ended.

Check out the entries!

And you can click on the link you find there to take you to the winners. Picking one Fib over others is pretty much a lesson in subjectivity. Sure, it was easy to rule out ones with poor syllable counts (even allowing for variations on pronunciation as listed at which factored into the viability of a winning Fib). And yes, if a Fib didn't mention tech, it didn't qualify. But other than that... I suspect picking the top Fib has more to do with mood than anything else. Great fun.


Anonymous said...

Good judging, if I do say so myself, Greg. [grin]

The first one appearing on the 'more fibs' page is VERY impressive! Practically a novel.

Greg Pincus said...

Yes, that one is a great read, but I counted and counted the syllables and didn't find them correct. I did laugh, though, quite heartily.