Friday, May 26, 2006

Writing? Fun?

This week a first grader asked me "what was the most fun you ever had writing?" Hmmm. I have absolutely no answer to that. I usually have great fun writing, unless it's the type of writing that feels like pulling teeth. Oh, or the writing that is mindless. Or when the outline isn't working. Or when the right word is elusive. Or when it's a job that I really wish I hadn't taken. Or when it's really late and things are due the next morning. Or when you know you're just gonna be rewriting the junk you're spewing out right now just to get to the end of this section because you really know you gotta but it just isn't working. Or...

Well, look, other than THOSE moments, the truth is I'm happiest when I'm writing and probably have been since I can remember. So there's no one time... no one phrase that I wrote that made me say "THIS IS THE MOMENT!"... no time I was so far into "the writing zone" that it overshadows all others. But a good question anyway.

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