Friday, April 24, 2020

Nancy Bo Flood - Go Fish

Go Fish

Jump in
Mask on
Blow bubbles out your snorkel
Flutter kick with webbed feet
Gaze at turtles, sharks – look, a whale!

A bathtub can be
As big
As the deep blue sea

©Nancy Bo Flood. All rights reserved.

I am going to go to the tub tonight, I tell you, and see if I can experience what Nancy Bo Flood imagines. I love the whole idea of there being huge worlds contained where we wouldn't expect them... and where it's up to us to find them.

While I've mentioned many poets and their books this month, this time I want to encourage you to pre-order Nancy Bo Flood's newest book, I Will Dance. Why? So many reasons, but I'll pick two. 

One: here's the blurb - Eva longs to dance. She doesn't know what dance looks like for someone who uses a wheelchair. But she is determined "not to imagine, not to pretend, and not along, I want to dance."  

Two: author royalties on pre-orders will be donated to Young Dance All-Abilities Student Scholarship Fund. Check out this 60 second peek, if you'd like.

OK, fine. Three: lovely, lovely writing! So go forth and do your best....


Bridget Magee said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying this series, Greg. Today's poet/poem is another winner. NBF is such a gift and her book is one I want to read. :)

Kay said...

I love that bathtub as deep as the deep blue sea! Thanks for sharing her new book, too. It looks fabulous.