Saturday, April 25, 2020

Darren Sardelli - Our Teacher Was the Greatest

Our Teacher Was the Greatest
by Darren Sardelli

Our teacher was the greatest.
The best we’ve ever had.
We thought she was incredible,
bodacious, cool, and rad.
She used to give us lollipops
and cupcakes every day,
but best of all she never gave
a grade below an A.

Our teacher was amazing.
The coolest in the school.
She never gave detention
when a student broke a rule.
She posted all the answers
on the board before a test,
and even though she lost her job,
we still think she’s the best!

Copyright © Darren Sardelli (All Rights Reserved)

It's a pleasure to welcome Darren Sardelli here to 30 Poets/30 Days. Anyone who's hung out here for long knows I have a soft spot for funny poems. And so I highly recommend you head on out to his website and take a look AND watch a video or two of him performing his poems to get the full on experience. And laugh, I tell ya! Cuz we all need laughter. Always.


Carol Varsalona said...

What a hoot, Greg. I always like a good laugh. Thanks for introducing me to this funny poem.

April Halprin Wayland said...

That's the teacher I aspire to be!

Hamingbird said...
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