Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Brod Bagert - When I'm Old & Gray

Brod Bagert is a master - the man can, I believe, write a poem about anything and make it resonate. You can get a glimpse of that if you read his Corona Poems - he's putting out a new one every day (and the above is one of them) for 30 days, too. They're an amazing collection. If they somehow don't convince you, check out his Heart of Science books and you'll believe me. 

And here is to his last stanza being how we all feel down the line....


Bridget Magee said...

*goosebumps* Beautiful poem. :)

skanny17 said...

Hello to my old friend Brod.....you are right, Greg. During devastation so much good can grow in ways we can't yet imagine. Hearing our granddaughter talk about the "bad germ"...she's 4, and having our 1 yo grandson reaching at the computer screen trying to tell us something....is sad, yet loving even just Skype time helps the loneliness. Nice poem, Brod. You know kids.
Janet Clare F.