Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Jane Yolen - Escaping Bonn

Escaping Bonn

Sometimes a boy, a girl,
with too much imagination
or too much despair, 
looks for an escape,
a bolt hole, digs a tunnel,
finds a dot, an opening,
a moment in time. 
Takes it, shapes it,
 big enough for one,
too small for another.
There is an odd safety in retreat. 
A miracle to manage.
It is not how you get out that matters.
It is what you do next.  

                                     for Herr Beethoven--

©2020 Jane Yolen, all rights reserved. Please do not repost without permission.

I've often thought that there's nothing Jane Yolen cannot write wonderfully about, including, I am sure, topics I've never even imagined writing about. Some of them, no doubt, appearing in her nearly 400 published books (!!!!!). I consider myself so lucky that she said yes to joining us here at 30 Poets/30 Days again, and I hope y'all skedaddle off to her website to see the incredible titles she has out there for you.


April Halprin Wayland said...

Oh...that last line. It is, indeed about what we do next.

Laurie Young said...

Just the poem I need right now.