Sunday, April 05, 2020

David L. Harrison - Toothy Grin (Kit Fox)

Toothy Grin
(Kit Fox)

If you are mouse,
bird, rabbit . . .
If you are squirrel,
grasshopper, rat . . .

Beware when fox
emerges from the dark.
First you’ll see the black berry nose,
then the grin
that hides stiletto teeth.

Above the teeth,
luminous eyes,
ears like antennae tuned to you.
Behind the teeth,
luxurious coat,
glorious bushy tail.

But all you’ll see
of fox in the dark
are teeth,

© 2020 David L. Harrison
from After Dark, Poems About Nocturnal Animals
permission by the author

Again, I'm thrilled to welcome David L. Harrison back to 30 Poets/30 Days, and very happy to feature a poem from his just released book After Dark, Poems About Nocturnal Animals (illustrated by Stephanie Laberis). And I highly encourage you to follow this link to see him do readings from the book. He is a master at this, I tell ya!

He also offers up more on his long-running blog - challenges, poetry, stories. Go visit!


David Harrison said...

Greg, I'm glad you decided to bring back 30/30 to celebrate National Poetry Month, and of course I'm flattered to be invited to participate. Thank you and stay-well wishes to you and all your readers. David

April Halprin Wayland said...

I love that blackberry nose! And the teeth, teeth, teeth!