Monday, April 13, 2020

Lee Bennett Hopkins - Spring

Lee Bennett Hopkins


cloud-bursting showers

April fools
fledglings on wing

no thing

From SHARING THE SEASONS (McElderry Books).
©2009 Lee Bennett Hopkins. All rights reserved.

I am re-running this poem from the very first year of 30 Poets/30 Days - a poem written by the one and only Lee Bennett Hopkins.  Sadly, Lee passed away last August, but it didn't feel right to me not to include him here anyway. There was, I'd argue, no greater champion than Lee for poetry and the need for it at moments like we are having now.

I am sure, had I told him I was doing this event again, that he would have sent along new words to move and uplift us all. So, here on April 13th (his birthday), I offer up some older words... but still as fresh now as they were then. Here's to spring and to Lee, indeed.


skanny17 said...

I love this and your tribute to our Dear One, Lee. I was late to the poetry party only catching on in around 2004 that poetry in 3rd grade was a goldmine and treasure chest rolled into more. Especially the way I did it. Never an assignment, always an invitation and done with love. It took me until around 2011 to find the Poetry Friday Kidlitosphere and longer to find Lee. He became a supporter, a mentor, an encourager, a friend. So generous of spirit, so committed to children and poetry. To poems, to people, to providing us all with beautiful books. Such a legacy. Bucket list is to get to the Penn State library to go through his collected papers. Just to be there and feel his spirit and read his delightful tomes, those sent and received. He was one of a kind for sure, but how lucky we in this community, were to have him. To know him. And to have his words to remind us and enliven our minds. Thank you, Greg.
Janet Clare F.

Bridget Magee said...

Nice to see Lee's words here. Thanks for including him. :)