Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Bruce Balan - The Poem I Would Write


The poem I would write if
I remembered it
would be about

It was there this morning
in the grey light it snuck in under
the barely-open hatch
finding me beneath the covers
finding me enough to turn me in my sleep
push my dream aside
so that I thought
– while groggy as the slow roll of the boat --
this will be my poem for today
It will be about

And there it was
my poem about you 
beautiful and poetic
succinct with a knowing depth
We shared our moment
the poem and I
until, content in my new knowledge
I pulled the covers up
went back to sleep
while the poem
laughing at my folly
slipped out of the hatch
and ran away
across the sea.

© Bruce Balan. All rights reserved.

I'm excited to have Bruce Balan here at 30 Poets/30 Days this year. And... oh, yes! A poem about poems. And a doozy, at that because, of course, it's about more than a poem....

A little backstory here, in the poet's own words: "April Halprin Wayland and I have been writing a poem every day and sharing it with each other since 2012. Thus, every day I am looking for a new poem. Sometimes they find me without my looking, but I have to make sure to pay attention or, as usually happens, they will give up on me.

This one was written while anchored at Isla Maria Cleofas about 50 miles off the Pacific coast of Mexico."

Amazingly, this post was written from the same place!!! (Well, at least in my mind.... I am anchored at my desk, truth be told. But still, I can close my eyes and run away across the sea, too.)


Unknown said...

The imagery is so beautiful. I never comment on blogs, but I'm making an exception to tell you how much I've enjoyed your 30/30 over the years, but this year in particular. Thanks to you and all the poets for bringing this to us!

April Halprin Wayland said...

I have a special affection for this beautiful poem. It's so Bruce.