Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Charles Ghigna - Be Still

Be Still

Be still in the world wherever you are
listen to life’s lullaby
the heartbeat, the breathing
the giving, receiving
the sun and the moon and the star.

They all shine true through the essence of you
a beacon of boundless light
the father, the mother
the sister, the brother
all are within you tonight.

Let the flow of the seas, the lilt of the breeze
the rush and the calm of all time
carry your dreams 
along rivers and streams
and let you be still where you are.

©Charles Ghigna
from ILLUSIONS: Poetry & Art from the Young at 
Charles Ghigna (also known as Father Goose) returns to the 30 Poets/30 Days pages (Page? Screen?) with a poem from his book Illusions (with a cover illustrated by his son, Chip Ghigna). And as always I end up saying... geez, this guy can write. 
There's also range galore - not just Illusions but his Dear Poet: Notes to a Young Writer came out last year... and I bet if you take a spin through his books, you'll be sure to find something that sparks your interest. Honest! So, take a look... and then... I wish you moments of stillness today and all month long

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skanny17 said...

Hi Greg,

Charles is one of my absolute favorite poets. I love this and am going to order his book now. It is a must have. Stay safe and still.
Janet Clare F.