Monday, April 20, 2020

Julie Larios - What Did I See?

What Did I See? 

I went for a walk —
what did I see?
I saw a bicycle up in a tree. 

I saw a butterfly
made of chalk —
that’s what I saw when I went for a walk. 

I saw a prayer wheel,
spun it around,
jumped in a hopscotch drawn on the ground.

I saw some pea vines 
starting to grow, 
and little green carrot tops all in a row. 

I saw two crows,
they scolded each other. 
Two baby squirrels, one squirrel mother,

and over the fence,
an apple tree — 
I’m pretty sure that it saw me. 

If you go for a walk
when the day is new - 
Hey! Wait up! I’ll go, too!

© Julie Larios. All rights reserved.

And guess what? Julie Larios sent photos of "proof" of what she saw! Check these out:

There's such a range in what Julie Larios writes (for kids and adults), and if you've somehow not encountered her works before, well, you should totally check them out. And then... go for a walk and tell us what you see!


April Halprin Wayland said...

Oh, my, Julie ~ this is a PERFECT quarantine poem! I mean, I've BEEN on your walk, I swear! And your rhythm got me up and dancing. Thank you!

Julie said...

April, when they say, “We’re all in this together,” I think they mean our new-found pleasure out walking our neighborhoods, too. Glad you liked my poem - and thanks, Greg, for posting it.