Sunday, April 26, 2020

Georgia Heard - A Quivering of Wings

A Quivering of Wings
by Georgia Heard

In the beginning, small poems lay
still and silent inside your hearts.
If you listened carefully,
you might have heard 
the quivering of wings.

Then, from the corner
of your eye, you spied
a flutter or two –
poems slowly unfolding,
delicate silken wings.

Poems began to appear everywhere.
Rainbow wings sailing,
hovering over desks, hanging
from the ceiling, tips of noses, tops of heads.
It was difficult to get any work done!

Now, your butterfly poems 
fly free. You fold words
into memory. Poems: 
small butterflies raised, watched,
let loose into the world.

 © Georgia Heard. All rights reserved.

Oh, geez. What do you say to that piece of wondrous poetry by Georgia Heard? I mean... flying poems, sure, but folding words into memory???? Sigh.

Now, when I quietly but firmly suggest you head off and check out Georgia Heard's books, I do so from two perspectives: seek out her poetry (obviously! See above) and also her teaching books on writing. You will not be sorry. Honest!



April Halprin Wayland said...

I am breathless. What a wonderful poem to read before I go to sleep.

jan godown annino said...

I'm with April & you Greg.
This is a poem to melt me into a puddle.
And to read to my hubby.
He will love it, as I do.

Diffco said...

Thank yoou