Monday, April 21, 2008

You Can't Keep the News from the Gnus -- a very silly poem/a gnu poem

Gregory K.

The new zookeeper called the zoo’s gnu keeper
And asked, “Have the gnus heard the news?
We’re getting new gnus
From a slew of new zoos
In a deal we just couldn’t refuse.”

The zoo’s gnu keeper told the new zookeeper,
“We needed new gnus at the zoo!
But I’m telling you
When I told each zoo gnu
The new gnu news the gnus said they knew!”

(This has been dubbed "the silliest poem" I've written by someone who has read most everything I've written. I take that as high praise!)

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Greg Pincus said...

I wanted to note a few of my other working titles for this poem:

Proof That You Can't Keep News from Gnus

Proof that Gnus Know

Gnus Know News

The News that Gnus Know

The Gnus Know

The Zoo's Gnus' News

And on and on and on. Is it any wonder I love poetry???

Lezlie said...

I love it! (And your "haircut" poem from yesterday.) You make me laugh!