Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sounds Like the End of a Friendship -- an onomatopoeia poem/a poem about sounds

Gregory K.

I wouldn’t want to be ya.

You bonk and bang.
You clack and clang.
You thwack and thunk.
You clop and clunk.
You burp and boom.
You zip and zoom.
You splat and splash.
You crack and crash.

It’s hard to have you hang around
When silence is my favorite sound.

So long now. I’ll see ya.

I'm posting an original poem each day in April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Links to this and other poems here on GottaBook (and I post all year round, because poetry is NOT just for April!) are collected over on the right of the blog under the headline "The Poems".

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Anonymous said...

Kapow! Ka-ching! A winner, seems to me.

Anonymous said...

Schzam, kablam,...okay, I need to work on this. Loved the apology poem you left I Wild Rose Reader.

Greg Pincus said...

Ahh, yes. Poems of apology! It's over here at Wild Rose Reader (with my poem in the comments). Look at that. Not everything I write rhymes :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this... a great way to start the day!
-Monique Ruiz

Rita said...


(is it onomatopoeia when a word tries to sound like itself?)

Elaine Magliaro said...


I posted your poem of apology yesterday (April 29th) at Wild Rose Reader. Here's the URL:

Thanks for contributing to the celebration of poetry at Wild Rose Reader. Are you relieved that April is almost over?

Anonymous said...
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nooriana said...

I enjoy reading it

Anonymous said...
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