Friday, April 25, 2008

The Talking Cake Blues -- an excuse poem/an apology poem/a cake poem

Gregory K.

I walked in the kitchen and there was your cake.
I know, Mom, it took you the whole day to make.
Its beautiful frosting was something to see.
If you said “it’s perfect!”, I’d have to agree.
But then something happened, though I’m not to blame --
‘Cause Mom, it’s the truth, the cake called me by name!
I said “please stop talking,” but still it called out.
I heard that cake plead. Heard it beg. Heard it shout.
So I did what it wanted. I sure won’t deny it –
I tasted its frosting in hopes of some quiet.
I started out slowly -- one finger, that’s all.
The line that I made in the frosting was small.
Then it begged and it whimpered and asked me for more….
So I pulled out a spoon from the silverware drawer.
I shouted “One mouthful. That’s it! Not another.”
But then the cake said “I’ll just call for your brother.”
Well, you know he’s so young he’d come in on the double.
He’d mess up that cake, and he’d be in such trouble.
That seemed so unfair, and because I respect him,
I kept right on eating. I had to protect him!
I ate and I ate ‘til my mouth was exhausted,
But now that cake’s quiet! (And also unfrosted).
I think you can see how there wasn’t a choice:
I had to do something to silence that voice.
I should stay right here to say “sorry,” I know…
But the TV is calling, so I gotta go!

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Anonymous said...


Greg Pincus said...

Why... thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am in awe of people who can dream up rhymes so easily.

tanita✿davis said...

Ugh. Stomach ache. I am remembering a day like this involving a cake with green frosting... Ugh...

jama said...

Yay for food poems!

Rita said...

Wa! wa wa . . .
The ending is perfect.
I love the rhyme of exhausted and unfrosted!!