Wednesday, April 09, 2008

If a Freight Train Carries Freight... -- a poem about words/a question poem

Gregory K.

If a freight train carries freight,
Why can’t a school bus carry schools?
Does a seat belt carry seats just like a tool belt carries tools?

If garbage bags hold garbage,
Why don’t handbags all hold hands?
If newsstands sell the news to you, do bandstands sell you bands?

If house pets live right in your house,
Do carpets live in cars?
If Earthlings are us folks on Earth, do starlings live on stars?

It really isn’t clear to me
How words are formed and used.
I’m sure I’ll learn it all some day… but now I’m just confused.

I'm posting an original poem each day in April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Links to this and other poems here on GottaBook (and I post all year round, because poetry is NOT just for April!) are collected over on the right of the blog under the headline "The Poems".

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tanita✿davis said...

THIS is my favorite one so far this week. It completely reflects how my mind worked as a kid, and still works.

Elaine Magliaro said...


I'm with Tadmack--I like this poem the best so far. I like the format of the poem and the rhythm.

BTW, I put the poetry book you won from Wild Rose Reader in the mail yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Very, very clever, Gregory. Yup, it's my favorite so far, too.

David LaRochelle

Anonymous said...

Good one, Greg. Keep 'em coming.

the other Greg

Rita said...

"This is absolutely fantastic. Kids will be stopping each other to recite these in the halls for generations to come!" raves rhcrayon magazine.

Bob Schechter said...

Yeah, I agree. This one's a cut above. Very funny and well made.

Are you writing a poem a day in April, or are you posting poems you've got stored up?

I know lots of poets who are writing a poem a day, and I just don't see how they can.

I mean, I can write a poem a day myself, but there are often several weeks between the days.

Greg Pincus said...

Robert -- I am writing every day and finishing a poem every day, and sometimes posting the same day. I do have some stored up, but didn't enter the month with anything like the 30 I will post. April's kinda a treat to myself that way -- much more writing time than normal devoted to things poetic!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Greg! I'm enjoying your poems so much! Thanks.
Angela Russell