Monday, April 28, 2008

Losing to My Lunch -- a poem about playing games/a food poem

Gregory K.

The carrot won at Yahtzee,
But I really think it cheated.
I played the toast in CandyLand:
It could not be defeated.
Blockhead with potato chips?
I lost one hundred times.
The peaches won at Rummikub.
I lost Kerplunk to limes.
The ice cream won at basketball,
Since every shot went “swish.”
The yams won Chutes and Ladders.
The tuna won Go Fish.
My mother always scolded me.
She said, “You know it’s rude.”
But I have different reasons why I never play with food.

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David LaRochelle said...

Very funny, Greg. You've created quite the collection of humorous, kid-friendly poems this month. I'm impressed.


Anonymous said...

Love this one. But it almost sounds like you're a sore loser :-)

Anonymous said...

I still haven't gotten over feeling sorry for the poor Dad in Tennis Doubles Trouble, and agree with Rita the exhausted/unfrosted rhyme was great, but this line
really might be the ultimate....
The tuna won Go Fish. Hilarious!!!