Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Toe -- a poem about a body part/a toe poem

Gregory K.

Does anyone know what I did with my toe?
I can’t seem to find it myself.
I’d taken it off to clean under the nail
Then put it up here on this shelf.

I put some clothes on and came back -- it was gone.
Now I’ve checked every room in the house.
I’m starting to think it was taken away
By our cat or our dog or a mouse.

I went to my dad and although he was sad,
He said, “Sorry, go check with your brothers.”
But no one has seen that poor little, lost toe....
Oh well. I still have nine others.

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Terry Doherty said...

What a fun, toe-tappin' way to start the morning. A perfect poem for my pocket, too.

Anonymous said...

You nailed this one, Greg. Quite the feat. A toe-tal success.

David LaRochelle