Saturday, April 26, 2008

Constant Companions -- a vision poem/a poem about seeing

Gregory K.

Everywhere I’ve gone today
I’ve seen the same three things:
A greenish toad, a yellow bee,
A kite with seven strings.

I saw them as I walked downstairs
Then at my breakfast table.
My Mom and Dad ignored them all.
I tried but wasn’t able.

Then I saw them in my school.
They came to all my classes.
Wait a second! Check this out!
They’re painted on my glasses.

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Rita said...

Mysterious and funny. How do you think of these things!

I like the three items! :D

David LaRochelle said...

I love to be surprised, and you did it, Greg!

David LaRochelle

Greg Pincus said...

Speaking of surprises... you are no longer anonymous and pictureless! Now everyone can see what an award-winning (and tall) author looks like!

Thanks for the comments, both of y'all....