Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Dog is Quite the Dancer -- a poem about dancing/a dance poem

Gregory K.

My dog is quite the dancer.
His salsa is a sight!
He does ballet
Throughout the day.
I hear him tap all night.

His rumba moves are perfect.
He’s learning to fandango.
His swim and twist
Should not be missed.
I love to watch him tango.

He jives and does the two step.
He’s king of modern dance.
He’d hit the town
To disco down
If I’d give him the chance.

His cha-cha is enchanting.
His waltz is mighty fine.
Sometimes he gets
The neighbors’ pets
Into a conga line.

People often ask me,
“How can he dance like that?”
His secret? Well…
I guess I’ll tell:
He learned it from my cat!

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Paintings: Portraits and PleinAir - Suzanne Gibson said...

hmmm... you must know my FAVORITE picture book... Giraffes Can't Dance... Thanks for making me think of that this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be sorry to see your poem a day go - it's been so much fun - you are so creative and they are so enjoyable! Thanks so much Greg and congrats on the Balloon poem.

Greg Pincus said...

You're welcome, Suzanne. I aim to please :-)

And thanks, Angela! I have so much fun writing and posting 'em, but no question it's also nice to know folks enjoy reading 'em, toooooo.