Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Dad's A Hippopotamus -- an animal poem/a zoo poem/a point of view poem

Gregory K.

My dad’s a hippopotamus.
He’s dad to quite a lot of us.
You think that’s strange? I don’t know why,
Since we’re all hippopotami.

We’re friends with a rhinoceros,
Who I think looks preposterous.
I’m glad that I don’t spend time bein’
Something so rhinocerian.

We live next to a crocodile.
He’s over there on his own isle.
He’s got big bumps on each short limb.
I’m glad that I don’t look like him.

We also know a chimpanzee,
The strangest creature that you’ll see.
Those gangly arms look out of place,
And I would never want his face.

Right nearby’s an ocelot.
He likes to mew and roar a lot.
With spots and splotches hard to miss,
I think he looks ridiculous.

But there’s one creature that we see
That’s most absurd. We all agree.
It comes to visit at our zoo.
And...oh... how sad! It looks like you.

I'm posting an original poem each day in April in celebration of National Poetry Month. Links to this and other poems here on GottaBook (and I post all year round, because poetry is NOT just for April!) are collected over on the right of the blog under the headline "The Poems".

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Anonymous said...

That poem was such fun, thanks for sharing it!! I found your page by clicking on a few random NaPoWriMo links. It's so gratifying to me to see I'm not the only one who writes rhyming stuff (at least sometimes!)!! This is my first NaPoWriMo as I'm trying to refocus my creativity (I'm a teacher and a mom, so I'm busy with the stress of life most of the time). Good to read your poems!

Greg Pincus said...

And thanks for stopping in, Melanie!

There are a bunch of NaPoWriMo links on the right on Reen's blog Squash Blossom for those who want to click off to poetic bliss. We're not the only silly folks doing 30 poems in 30 days!

Anonymous said...

Hippopotami!!!!!!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

At the top of the stairs, now being six

In the middle of the stairs I stand on two sticks

At the bottom of the stairs I'll be taller than thou

As soon as I get up from my tumbledown OW

Anonymous said...

You gonna do something this fine EVERY DAY?

Greg Pincus said...

Hmmm, Liz. What I've learned with 100ish poems on the blog is that everyone has their faves, so even if I say they're all gonna be "this fine" I'm sure that most will view some as less fine and some as more fine. And that's fine! I just hope to get through 30 without any horrible mistakes that make everyone flee!

Bkbuds said...

This is hysterical. It's everything I want in a kid's poem: inventive word play, humor a surprise ending.

You're a natural.

When you're done with your Fibs books, you should publish a collection of your poems.

Bkbuds said...

Whoops, there was a missing comma between "humor" and "a surprise ending."

I'm punctuation-impaired today.


Greg Pincus said...

Aww, Anne, you can say things like that with any punctuation you want! And you can feel free to say it to editors and agents, too :-)

Rita said...

Sure to be a hit with kids everywhere, "My Dad's A Hippopotamus . . ." puts a fresh, fun twist on one of the most classic jokes of all time. A winner in every way!

Or say the critics say.

Allred's said...

I love that poem, so adorable and intelligent with it's rhymes. Thank you for sharing. I was looking for a fun poem for kids about father's, this isn't it, but really great!!