Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well lookie here...

The Southern California region of the SCBWI publishes a quarterly newsletter called Kite Tales, and as of the Spring issue this year, that newsletter is available online. Not only is it full of updates about area writers and news, but it's got market information galore as well as interesting articles and more. The Summer issue has just gone online, and among the "more" in this issue happens to be a poem of mine. Longtime blog readers will recognize it as my poem Reasons Why I Don't Write, aka my third post ever!

I have tended to keep my poems grouped by collection and have not sent out individual ones in general (and yes, a voice in the back of my head says "that's not a strategic decision, Gregory K. That's laziness!" But in truth, it really is a choice I've made). But I am thrilled to have this poem appear in Kite Tales, and in thinking about it, I realize this is my first poem in print since my high school literary magazine! Yow. That was, uh, four years ago AT LEAST! Actually, I'd do the math and tell you how many, but, wouldn't ya know it, I gotta book.

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