Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sippy Cups Rock!

Lest you think GottaBook has suddenly become a site reviewing the options for children to drink from, please note that I was actually referring to the band the Sippy Cups who I had the pleasure to see in concert today.

Now, I'm not gonna start reviewing children's music on a consistent basis or anything like that (try zooglobble or Chilren's Music that Rocks for lots o' kid music fun), but the Sippy Cups were a blast: juggling, comedy, original songs, and wonderfully picked (slightly re-jiggered) rock covers (Blitzkreig Bop and Space Oddity as two that had the kids dancing or enraptured, depending). It's a great mix, cuz, for example, when parents start bopping and shouting out "Hey, ho, let's go!" you can be darn sure the kids will, too. Good times... and good night!

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Sippy Paul said...

Hi Greg, Thanks for checking us out in L.A. I guess. We sure had fun and plan to retun on Nov. 4th. Stay tuned to for the where's and hows. New album coming soon too: "Electric Storyland", very busy trying to finish that.


Sippy Paul