Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day?

I am not a big fan of the made-up-need-to-be-singled-out kinda holidays, but I don't really call myself a curmudgeon. So in the spirit of the day, let me wish Dads tremendous happiness.

As a recent Scholastic-Yankelovich report showed that reading drops off after the age of 8... but that parents can have a huge impact on that. Reading aloud is great as is letting your kids see you read. So Dads, continue showing your kids the right way to live... and READ!


Anonymous said...

_Great_ advice for us all! The dads, the moms, the grandmas, the grandpas!

Christian Roy, aka Leroy said...

Indeed. Yesterday, my oldest son read aloud the card my mom gave to my dad. Everyone was impressed by how well he read (including myself). There are books all over our apartment and if he's naughty, he *knows* he won't be allowed to read before bedtime! It's one of the worst punishments he can get.

So yes, teaching our kids to love reading, at a very young age, is very important.

Anonymous said...

What a great father's day message! And I agree with Deb - it's a good message for everyone. Thanks!