Saturday, June 24, 2006

Search Fib (III)

It amazes me just how many different ways folks search the web, the blogosphere, and their own computers. Frankly, though, it's perfect for someone like me, as it helped put an end to my "one syllable problem." Now, I'm not saying my Search Fibs are great poetry (or even poetry at all!), but I particularly like thinking about the confused look that must have crossed many of these searchers' faces when they found themselves here. So consider these Fibs a way of sharing that amusement. And now, more search terms that have gotten folks to GottaBook, presented in Fib form...

Pull it sir prizes
Frisbee written in Japanese


The Buried Editor said...

So, this comment is not actually about search fibs, but about how I've been enjoying your general fibs all together. Actually, I think you've come up with such a great concept that I have kicked off my Official Writing Week on my blog with Fibs. I'm hoping my folks will create some amusing ones for you to read. I've told them to show anything they create to the original creator. Until then, I'll share mine:

My cat knows
She can get whatev’r
She wants from too generous me.

Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful new artform with all of us.

Greg Pincus said...

Thanks, Buried! And may Fibs help you emerge from under the slush pile and the workload.

Or at least help ya have fun.