Thursday, June 08, 2006

Making a list...

People make Top 10 lists or Top 100 lists or Top Whatever lists all the time, but whenever they're matter-of-opinion lists as opposed to purely statistic-based, well, that's when it's fun. I mean, we can argue all day who the best baseball hitter EVER was, but there's no way to really debate who has the highest career average.

Anyway, in response to some other recent listmaking, Fuse #8 is asking for suggestions for the Top 25 American Children's Books of the Last 25 Years. You can read her brief rules and then post your ideas, too (as many did in the first, less defined post on the topic).

This not only promises to be fun, but for me (and maybe y'all?) it's also gonna be a good place to pick up some new book ideas, as I'm sure there'll be plenty of titles tossed out that I either don't know or have forgotten about. So check it out and chime in!

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