Friday, February 23, 2007

Tagged! Five Reasons I Blog

The Blog Squad has tagged me with a "Five Reasons I Blog" meme. Now, I'm not a big taggee or tagger, but first off, I like the topic and second off, I like the Blog Squad-ers a whole bunch... so heck yeah! (I'd actually note that I like them so much, I'm working with them, something you'll hear more about here sooooooon)

Anyway, with no further ado...

Five Reasons I Blog

1) To be part of the utterly rocking kidlitosphere.

2) To make myself think and write (almost) every day.

3) To have a real reason to hang online and explore the power of the web.

4) It's possible that I have some geeky and obsessive tendencies that work nicely with blogging. This will require more study to be proven. Honest. Really.

5) Because blogging is an absolute blast.

And now, I tag... YOU! Yes the same "YOU" who was Time Magazine's person of the year. So come along and play.


Little Willow said...

To share my love of reading
To encourage literacy (to encourage others to read in general)
To encourage others to read books I love
To support amazing authors
Because I love when people ask me for book recommendations!

Unknown said...

Very cool about the teleseminar with the Blog Squad. I'll get to meet the Blog Squad in May, as we're presenting together (about blogging, of course) at an educational conference for publishers.

Greg Pincus said...

Sheila, you'll love 'em. They're funny and smart and all that good stuff.

And thanks, Little Willow, for five fine reasons!

Little Willow said...

You are welcome!