Sunday, February 04, 2007

Here a tidbit, there a tidbit....

It's a quick Sunday round up time...

Congrats go out to fellow SCBWI-Ventura Retreat-er Joyce Lee Wong for winning the 2007 Lee Bennett Hopkins Promising Poet award for her novel-in-verse Seeing Emily. I can say "Oh, sure, I knew her before the award" and no one needs know it was mere days before.

Also, how about a nice kidlitosphere welcome to Barbara Bietz -- who's now a-blogging right here. Check out her post on procrastination, as it sounded... I dunno... like a normal day. And check out her middle grade (soccer filled!) novel, Like a Maccabee, too.

Finally, meet a bunch of kidlit bloggers, including yours truly, in a great article by Liz B. that appears in School Library Journal this month. If you find the print edition, you even get to see my picture (something that makes my mom happy, anyway). Thanks, Liz!


Anonymous said...

qHi Greg,

Thanks so much for pointing out Barbara Bietz'z new blog. I guess that means she wins the race to see who could get theirs up and running the fastest :-).

I also wanted to share a story with you. The other night at dinner, out of the clear blue, my husband asked, "Do you know who wrote the first algebra textbook?" I was taken back because he is NOT a math guy (he teaches architectural design). He informed me that it was Leonard Fibonnaci. I asked how on earth he knew that and he said that he's heard me speak of you and Fibonacci poems so much recently, that the name caught his eye in an engineering textbook he was reviewing for his students. And when I explained your concept of Fibs using Fibonacci poems, his jaw dropped and he said, "Genius!" What a great ripple effect you're having!

Barbara Bietz said...


Thanks for the shout out!I guess I can go public now. I feel kind of like the shy kid at a cool kid party, This is fun!