Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back out of the loop

That was fast, that being in the loop thing I mentioned just a second ago. Since then I missed another Poetry Friday, making it two in a row... which is really bothering me. I think I'll track down Friday and ask it if it can occasionally reschedule itself to Thursday or Saturday. I mean it's just one day.

Though I may say I'm out of the loop, one thing that does keep popping up around here lately is the subject of book trailers. Big houses are paying for 'em, authors/illustrators are paying for their own and posting 'em on YouTube, and some have even gone viral. Some of the trailers out there really reach high, but I gotta say that some of the very simple ones are incredibly potent... perhaps even more so than the ones that reach but fall short for whatever reason.

There might still be a problem getting the right audience to watch the trailer, I suppose, but I betcha we see more and more and more of them moving forward. Are they effective? I've not really read any first hand accounts, but ya gotta figure they sure can't hurt.

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