Friday, February 23, 2007

A search Fib and other Fibbery

I'm not saying search Fibs are fine art at all. No, indeedy. That said, how could I resist the wonderful words and phrases that have brought folks to GottaBook this week (plus a rare, new, one syllable search on an obscure search engine)? I'd be nuts not to like 'em. Or something like that....

Scrotum blog
Scrotum synonyms
Great synonym absurdity!

I'd like to dedicate this search Fib to Susan Patron's The Higher Power of Lucky and the Newbery Committee: without you both, I'm sure this wouldn't exist.

Now, for some real Fibbing this Poetry Friday, why not head over to One Deep Breath and check out the great Fibs folks wrote over there? You'll find lotsa links to goodness, I tell ya. So go on... go check 'em out.

And hey... Liz has collected the Poetry Friday links right here. So go on, again, and check 'em out!

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